Monday, August 2, 2010

adventures in camping weekending-

frisbee | bags | bonfires | tequila shots | old school rap music | waking up with the sun | early morning light | corn on the cob | pretty views | dance routines | beer | feeling so far away from home | morning dew | swimming in the lake | morning walks | playing with the droid | & falling in love with grooveshark | great friends | funny stories | relaxation

apparently I need to start getting up with the sun more often. early morning light is a beautiful thing.

this weekend also included-
seeing charlie st. cloud | getting new supplies for a jewelry making adventure | cannova's pizza | luccio moscato d'asti | mid-afternoon naps | true blood | the runaways on dvd | pretty new nail polishes | wine dates with stacey | sleepovers with kirby | casey's breakfast pizza | laughing until my stomach aches

all in all I'd say it was a pretty great time.
our sunday looked like this:

more on my flickr.
xo Chelsea


Joi said...

Great photos, C! One question, do you always use a "vintage" action on your photos?

Chelsea said...

Thanks Joi! Actually, I usually underexpose my photos while taking them because I just love that look of light saturation, but most of these photos, well the morning shots anyway, I couldn't because the early morning light was so saturated everywhere already! I was in heaven! haha. I do apply some correcting and further underexpose sometimes, but I didn't do too much with these ones.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures!

Chelsea said...

Thanks Danielle!