Thursday, August 5, 2010

let me start by saying that it is not out of ordinary for me to spend hours in Borders on a random afternoon.
time just absolutely f l i e s when I am there.
I love books oh, so very much.
& it is quite the process to determine which new books are going to come home with me, especially on our current budget.
well last time, I walked out with this:

and I can honestly say that my life has changed since buying it.
for starters- I
and secondly, I am reading it at the exact moment in my life when I think it means the absolute most to me.
although I really think it would resonate with anyone, anywhere.

here's a description--

Rubin is not an unhappy woman: she has a loving husband, two great kids and a writing career in New York City. Still, she could-and, arguably, should-be happier. Thus, her methodical (and bizarre) happiness project: spend one year achieving careful, measurable goals in different areas of life (marriage, work, parenting, self-fulfillment) and build on them cumulatively, using concrete steps (such as, in January, going to bed earlier, exercising better, getting organized, and "acting more energetic"). By December, she's striving bemusedly to keep increasing happiness in every aspect of her life. The outcome is good, not perfect (in accordance with one of her "Secrets of Adulthood": "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"), but Rubin's funny, perceptive account is both inspirational and forgiving, and sprinkled with just enough wise tips, concrete advice and timely research (including all those other recent books on happiness) to qualify as self-help. Defying self-help expectations, however, Rubin writes with keen senses of self and narrative, balancing the personal and the universal with a light touch. Rubin's project makes curiously compulsive reading, which is enough to make any reader happy.

perhaps my favorite part is that Rubin herself read tons & tons of get happy books herself- from Epicurus to Thoreau to Oprah to Martin Seligman to the Dalai Lama to see what worked for her- and what didn't and to share with us what she took from all of their findings.

And what's even better... as if the book isn't already filled with insight, inspiration and goals to set for yourself; Rubin also has a blog- The Happiness Project. All about making yourself happy! or happier! what better reason for a blog or a book is there than that?

I am so happy to have discovered this wonderful little society and am forever grateful. since I already started my own semi-get-happy project myself this year, this happiness project is exactly what I need to stay focused and learn even more about things I can focus on in my life.

I urge you to check it out.
buy the book.
read the blog.
get inspired.
get happy.

Happiness Project

as I re-read this post I realize that I might sound very "promoted" and or "advertised". but I can assure you, I have no relation to this author or this book whatsoever. it just really resonated with me at such a deep level. I first heard about it on the lovely kate's blog & just couldn't wait to get my hands on it.


xo Chelsea


leah @maritalbless said...

Love this and may look into it!

Sara said...

such a great idea!

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's beyond inspiring.