Tuesday, August 17, 2010

list eighteen:
 how I spent my childhood

eating Fig Newtons (preferably Raspberry & while watching cartoons).

02. ghost-in-the-graveyard. every night.
03. talking on the phone.

04. trading sports cards.
05. tuesday night dinners at Just Granny’s house.
06. enjoying my perfect blonde hair.
07. swimming at the pool; all day and night.
08. Ninja Turtles. enough said.
09. reading books.
10. running lemonade stands on the street with my friends.
11. and using all of the money that we made at the milkhouse!
12. gymnastics! (& wearing awesome leotards).

13. swinging on the rope swing we discovered in the woods.
14. going for Jeep rides with my dad.
15. playing “office”.
16. sporting pink nautical dresses, ruffle socks & mary-janes (thanks mom).

17. going to Monticello to “get dirty”.
18. making mud pies.
19. watching Now & Then a thousand times. And Goonies.
20. getting sweet cheek kisses from Garth Brooks.

21. playing baseball, basketball, football & any other ball sport until the street lights came on.
22. making up new clubs in our secret fort.
23. playing the shoe game on the swing set.
24. fun dip.
25. sleeping on the back deck with all of the neighborhood kids.
26. & subsequently sleeping in my parents dining room most nights because we got scared.
27. laying on the front sidewalk looking at the stars because I could (I wonder why I stopped doing that?)
28. sleepovers at caitlin & hannah's- dilly bars & walking to the pool.
29. coloring (which I've recently taken up again thanks to my sister).

our entire street was filled with kids my age and we never spent a waking moment inside during the summer (& not a lot in the winter for that matter). luckily I am still friends with several of them today; what a blessing.

I also may have been quite the tomboy when I was a kid, but I still loved to get dolled up and wear pink and do cartwheels. I officially had the best childhood of all time.

xo Chelsea

{eighteen down; thirty-four to go}.


Kayla said...

Oh my goodness!!! I have a picture in that same lovely costume from Gymnastics. I even am doing the same pose! Were we in the same class?!?!

Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh Kayla- we must have been! Bahahaha. That is a riot!