Thursday, August 5, 2010

it's no secret that I care greatly about the environment.
honestly, who doesn't?
but lately I have really been stepping up my game in our household.

we have always been very eco-friendly in the areas of household cleaners, recycling, & reusable grocery bags.
we have all energy efficient appliances and use CFLs.
we drink tap water & and read our news on the Internet.
we always unplug appliances that we aren't using.
we always opt for recycled products when they're available.
we dry our clothes on the line as much as possible.
we use blackle.
we've even started growing our own vegetables.

we're starting to use our bikes a lot more too.
we never realized how many places that we customarily travel by car that are so easily accessible by bike of even walking (the drugstore up the street, my parents house 2 miles away).
& seriously, how cute is my bike?

but there is so much more to do. right now, my main concern is plastic. it is unbelievable how plastic has absolutely taken over. it is everywhere. try to go an entire day without plastic... it's not possible.

everything is plastic... your shampoo bottle, your hand lotion, your cell phone, your tv, your computer, your toothbrush, your car. honestly, it's crazy. read this article and see what I mean. not only is it a death sentence for our environment, there are so many health risks that I can't believe it is still as prominent as it is.

so inspired by this blog and this Earth that I love so much, I am determined to severely reduce the amount of plastic in my life. i already have this beauty that I take pretty much everywhere. but just today I also ordered this one to accompany him as well as this glass water bottle. 
no more plastic bottles around here!

one thing that is a little bit harder however is juice... we drink a lot of juice around here & most all of it comes in plastic containers. I am doing a bit of research to see if I can find anything in glass, otherwise I am going to start making my own juice, which shouldn't be too difficult. & I'm kind of digging that idea better anyway because I can make whatever kind I want & know exactly what ingredients I am drinking.
(anyone have any good recipes?)

my next purchase will be these produce bags. it's funny how I always use canvas grocery bags, but somehow the produce bags had slipped my mind until recently!

and I will simply be avoiding things that come in plastic containers as much as possible. I realize that it is not possible to completely avoid, but I am firm believer that every little bit helps. I will start using bar soaps and avoiding soda bottles & cans (luckily coca-cola comes in glass bottles around here). I hope to find a body/face lotion that my skin can tolerate that is sold in glass bottles. hair products & makeup will be a huge challenge, but I am honestly going to do the best that I can.

if you have any pieces of advice or reference materials that you think will help me, please share because I would love to have them.

a rule that works really well for me, is before purchasing something, I think about where all of its parts will end up. where is that plastic bottle for the orange juice going to end up after I'm done with it?? this has helped me to build a perspective in this area and makes my purchases a lot easier to determine. 

some other things that we will be working on...
.severely decreasing our use of paper towels & instead investing in many more cloths)
.having a much bigger garden next year
.& canning all of the tomatoes that we have leftover this year
.getting used to saying "no straw please" (and hopefully investing in these)
> this list is a great resource for many more ideas that we hope to implement and another wonderful inspiration to me.

I hope this post wasn't too preachy for you. but honestly, this is something that I feel very strongly about & I hope that you do too. I hope that I gave you some ideas of easy things that you can incorporate into your daily lives that really make a world of difference- check out those links, they are full of inspiration & wonderful ideas. & I hope that you have some tips and tricks or suggestions that work for you that you will share with me!


xo Chelsea