Wednesday, August 4, 2010

list seventeen: things i'd like to tell my 17-year-old self

01. You are beautiful.
02. Your parents are right. About most everything.
03. Take more pictures. You know that awesome Canon AE-1 that your dad has stored in the upstairs closet. Use it.
04. You are not fat.
05. Go after the degree that YOU want.
06. Wear what you like. You won’t always be able to. (It’s okay to dress like a hippy).
07. Make Grandma Ronnie teach you how to make her chocolate caramel cake.
08. Don’t dye your hair. It is the perfect color and you will never get it back.
09. Start a journal. Write down everything that is important to you. And everything that isn’t.
10. Wear sunscreen. Every day.
11. Don’t lose your phone in the parking lot across the street from your dorm room freshman year. It will come back to you in pieces.
12. Be confident. You are who you are supposed to be.
13. Stock up on Polaroid film.
14. Your dad listens to really good music. Pay attention.
15. Ask Just Granny to tell you stories from her life. Write them all down.
16. Don’t get a credit card.
17. Plan that trip to Europe with your aunt.
18. Flowers are never a waste of money.
19. Start a savings account today.
20. And actually use it.
21. Spend more time with that friend. That friend that you have so much in common with you never run out of things to talk about. You will never get it back.
22. Take a French course your senior year of high school instead of coasting by with a minimal schedule.
23. You have to work for what you want.
24. Study abroad.
25. Learn how to drive a stick shift.
26. Always stay true to yourself. Don’t waste any time trying to fit in. You will end up proud of the person that you are & the things that make you different.
27. I’m serious about that credit card thing.

{seventeen down; thirty-five to go}.
{this list was inspired by the always inspiring andrea}.

xo Chelsea


Joi said...

Chelsea! You look like a model in that picture. I seriously had to do a double take because I thought it was Reese Witherspoon. Gorgeous, girl!!!!

Chelsea said...

Haha, thanks girl! Too bad it was when I was 17 and those looks have long since disappeared. Oh to be 17 again!

leah @maritalbless said...

Wow. I also thought, hey is she on OTH? :) Love this list! Need to do similar!

Chelsea said...

Awww.. you guys are sweet. Leah, I think that is the best compliment I have heard in my life! haha. :)

Hollie. said...

I'm proud to say I've personally witnessed you stop fitting in + starting to stand out. + to be perfectly honest I like the new + improved Chelsea better. long as the vacuum is locked up.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list Bean! Especially number 2.

Chelsea said...