Friday, March 6, 2009

this week I've been busy loving....
the gorgeous work of kea, etc {shown above}.
anthropologie's gorgeous fluffy+flowery hair options.
oh, hello friend's amazing giveaway.
this because it is too cute {via le love}.

more ranunculus.
halo's color protection smoothing shampoo+conditioner {thanks g&d}.
bloesem's cutest notebooks.
my alter ego dresses in these clothes {she does}.
watching band of horses play live until I can see the real thing...

so many things up in the air for the next two days. the only things i'm sure of are these....
i will be enjoying myself tonight with my lovely college ladies {kickin it old school}.
i will be enjoying a really long nap at some point.
i will be eating mexican food.
+ chinese food.
i will be downing cough medicine.
i will be going for a walk.
i will be kissing my sweet husband.
i will be spray painting candlesticks.
i will be curling up with this.

Oh yeah, and I am now officially in love with Oklahoma.

And I leave you with a little treat this Friday my friends. If you are in need of a huge, giddy-ass grin, please watch this video. And even if you aren't, just watch it anyway. Trust me, it is worth it. {my favorites: 13, 21, 33, 41, 71, 95}.

currently listening to :: bone machine by tom waits.