Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my slightly belated weekend in review:

We did get the room painted {yay!}. Deep down you didn't think I would do it? Did ya? It looks great, but now we're into putting the room back together {which is much harder than it sounds}. But I am happy to finally have it done. Primed on Friday night, two coats of paint on Saturday, and trimwork on Sunday makes for a busy weekend. But I also managed to...

take care of my sick husband.
{he is now feeling much better}.
have a slumber party with my sisters.
prime our $5 craigslist dresser find.
{will hopefully paint a cheery yellow sometime this week}.
spend a night in with my adorable husband.
eating spaghetti with lots of meatballs + watching movies.
bought a new 9" rainfall showerhead.
+ enjoyed it's utter awesomeness.
headed out to the in-laws for what I thought was a regular Sunday dinner.
only to find out it was in fact a surprise birthday celebration for me.
this sweet gathering involved all of my favorite dishes; presents for yours truly; a poker game in which my husband won; and of course, cake.

Since our painting project and unexpected party took up more of our time that we had originally planned... we still have quite a few things on the agenda for this week which will most likely take us into this coming weekend. But I had cake + wine; got the room painted; + spent time with my awesome family, so that's alright with me....

Since I also didn't get around to taking any photos, I hope you love the pretty one above from etoile as much as I do.

currently listening to :: middle management by bishop allen.