Friday, March 13, 2009

I know that I always feel like I have long weeks; but this week was seriously the exception. It was loooooooonnng. Not to mention that I was extremely busy, but usually that makes the weeks seem shorter. Strange. I did however find time to love a few things this week including.... my birthday; my presents {duh}; my amazing family+friends; did I mention my adorable husband?; last night's Office; my paperwink address stamp {that i love so much i look for excuses to send mail}; this hilarious movie; sweet, sweet text messages from husband throughout the day; these amazing gig posters {via Lovely Happenings}; my new Daisy-scented candle; amazing American iconic women tribute in my Glamour this month; + listening to sia + maria taylor all week long.....

I would love to spend a day with my girls, all dressed up in party dresses, driving around town with water balloons + jumping in pools {I might leave out the spray paint & mailbox smashing though}. Anyone care to join me?

This weekend I am looking forward to....

browsing my favorite little boutiques.
eating+drinking with great friends.
having time to think.
watching this+this.
trying on my dress that hollie made me.
napping with G.
making new playlists.
reading this.
finally uploading the pictures that have been waiting on my camera.
just catching up with life+being with my boys.

{lovely alexis bledel image via glamour.}