Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh boy, do I love you! With all your freshness and sunshine. Filled with birds, birthdays + Irish jigs. Not to mention, that this year you also bring Twilight on dvd; an amazing plethora of movie releases {Little Ashes; Adventureland; The Cake Eaters}; oh yeah and RPattz gracing the cover of GQ. It's going to be a good month.

Let's recap my February goals shall we?

01. paint the spare room {which also entails cleaning it out first}.
02. use our fondue set. {ended up eating in Madison instead for Vday so never got around to this}.
03. take my vitamins everyday.
04. clean out my car {big time}.
05. huge goodwill run.
06. get my hair cut. {still haven't found enough time to waste on personal appearances. darn.}
07. get our taxes done.
08. set up a budget. {we've made it this long without one, what's one more month?}
09. put all of our random photos into albums. {just never found the time. bummer}.
10. road trip to ikea. {i wish}.

So yeah. 5 out of 10 isn't horrible, right? I think we got the big ones taken care of. But it really wasn't a huge list to begin with and I truly though it was attainable. Oh well... life just gets in the way sometimes. So I am ready to focus on March....

In addition to making up for my slacking in February I would really like to.... learn how to knit; spend an entire day devoted to the Twilight dvd; arrange a photo wall in the spare bedroom; see some tulips sprout in our front yard; paint an accent wall in the living room {although I'm not sure how keen the hubby is going to be on another painting project so soon; haha}; do some cardio every weekday; + get some film for the Duaflex + use the heck out of it. Hey, I never said my monthly to-do's couldn't be fun ones?!

I am really looking forward to March and here's to hoping it is good to me. However, I am sad to report that I think I am indeed catching the hubby's cold. My throat is killing me; I can't breathe out my nose; + I'm constantly cold. Did I mention irritable? Ugh. I don't know why I was so sure I could avoid it.... in the meantime I'm chugging tea by the gallon; taking meds + extra vitamins; + sleeping as much as possible. Hopefully the ugly virus invading my body will get the message.

currently listening to :: after hours by the scientists.