Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthdays are so much different when you’re older. Somewhere along the line they change from being this completely amazing day that is centered around you, filled with presents + cakes + my mom singing to me in the morning, to a day where you wake up + go to work {what?}. Birthdays are just so magical when you're a kid.

But eventually, that just changes. How does that happen? Birthdays are still great in your twenties, don't get me wrong, but that feeling of magic tends to fade away somwhere.... however today, on my 24th birthday {yikes!} I feel so loved. If that continues to be how I feel on my birthdays from here on out, I will be happy. I have been constantly reminded today by so many different people from many different aspects of my life how much they love me. And that, my friends, is pretty darn great.

+ although my mom waking me up singing sweet songs in my ear on my birthdays was so amazing, now I have a husband to whisper it in my ear in the middle of the night {thanks hunny}. + maybe if I'm lucky, my mom will still sing to me tonight. =]

+ yeah, the presents + getting to celebrate with my awesome friends {as if we ever really need a reason?} is pretty awesome too.

Now I leave you with a great song, on a great day. + it's dedicated to my sweet, sweet husband {but only the good parts}. =]

+ a very huge thanks to all of the amazing people in my life for making me feel so loved today.

{photo via the amazing mrs. french}.


Julia Goolia said...

happy birthday, youngin. Don't ever say 'woah' to 24 again....just wait until 28 is creeping around the corner:)

Joi said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

leah @maritalbless said...

Happy birthday pretty lady! Don't you just love singing hubby's?

BTW that image is gorgeous!