Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am very, very behind.
I don’t have much time for a weekend recap.
But here is a little taste of my night out with my lovelies...

Are you surprised? We are awesome like that.

Mostly the rest of my weekend was spent sick + recovering. Getting crazy a la the pictures above when you already have a cold isn't the smartest idea, but it was worth it. =] And finally getting to meet sweet baby Quinn {she was worth the wait; so adorable}. And we did also watch this movie which we thought was hilarious. {some bad parts that I could have lived without seeing, but were however vital to the film's plot so I tried to overlook it... but an amazing cast with the likes of Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn, Bruce Willis-as himself- + my leading lady Kristen Stewart}. Husband + I laughed our asses off through the whole thing.

I have to get caught up on work stuff today.
+ I also have a lunch with my co-workers to celebrate my birthday.
{which is tomorrow}.
{i'm getting old}.
Tonight I have errands to run.
+ stop by to see Jennifer.
+ attend a jewelry party that my cousin is hosting.

Busy day.
We’ll talk tomorrow. mmmk?

currently listening to :: highway 61 revisted by bob dylan.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one!