Tuesday, October 13, 2009

guess what??
our little bloggy is turning two!
in fact, it turned two on the 9th.
sorry, i've been busy!

it is very exciting.
+ seriously hard to believe that our marriage
+ new life together was just starting two years ago.
when we decided to start documenting the little things.
and now here we are.
my, how time flies.
+ what a wonderful two years it has been.
here's to many, many more.

stay tuned because i have lots of goodies coming your way.
very soon.

+ check out the new updated blog header.
in honor of our 2nd anniversary.
the most recent photo of our little family.

{pretty cupcake}.


Rhianne said...

happy blog birthday!! :) Love your new header x

Anonymous said...

congrats on 2 years! happy birthday blog! your blog is so cute! :)