Thursday, November 19, 2009

do you watch glee?
duh, what am i saying?
of course you do!
i love this show.
last night's episode might have been my favorite yet.
watch it here if you missed out.

i am in love with finn.
& mr. schuester too for that matter.
i want him to be with emma.
she is my favorite character.
& they are so perfect for each other.

and sidenote: i want her entire wardrobe.

i do not like rachel.
she gets on my nerves.
but i do want her to be with finn.
i think that she is only annoying & bitchy
because she loves him & can't have him.

i have hated quin this entire season.
how can she be so cruel to lie to finn
about the most important thing in his life.
but after last night, i kind of understand why.
i don't agree with it, but now i feel sorry for her.
her & finn are cute together, no doubt.
but i think she belongs with puck.
speaking of puck, i like him!
i have a thing for "bad boys" who are really sweeties at heart.

i think that pretty much sums it up.
there really isn't a character on this show that i don't like.
this is the show that i have waited for years to watch.
and now i am addicted.

i'm a gleek.
there i said it.


{images via fox}


Anna said...

I just started watching this last night. I am In Love with it. Best show I have seen in forever :)