Friday, November 13, 2009

my weekend list:

01. spend a night in with my momma.
02. while eating lots of chinese.
03. and watching lots of gilmore girls.
04. sleep in.

05. take G for a walk around the neighborhood.
06. lugging two cameras
{one for rhianne's lovely photo exchange & one for myself}.
07. hopefully catch the pretty birds lined up on the electric wire

that i always see on my way to work.
08. take in the fresh air.
09. and appreciate the little things around me.
10. take my tired puppy home.
11. enjoy two cups of delicious coffee. 
12. while reading my favorite blogs.
13. finish editing my sister's senior photos.
{tiny preview above}.
14. call her to tell her and listen to inevitable squeeling.

15. target run for random ditties that only target can supply.
16. and hopefully pick up a must-have-in-my-wardrobe cardigan there too.
17. back to the house to put on a good record.
18. possibly some bon iver to help me clean the house.
19. clean said house.
20. feel really good about it.
21. bust open a bottle of wine.
22. call my girls to come over.
23. watch really girly movies.
24. while painting our nails & chatting about life.
25. open another bottle of wine.
26. remember how amazing my friends are.
27. pass out, hopefully with lingering dreams about robert p.
{i think i may have skipped a few more bottles opening above}.
28. sleep in again.

29. make a yummy breakfast.
30. meet my mom at the flea market.
31. find some really good stuff.
32. spend the rest of the day on the couch.

33. in between laundry runs.
34. and getting a ton of miscellaneous items crossed off my list.
35. watch some football {go vikings!}.
36. watch some true blood season 1 because i just remembered it will be arriving via netflix today!
37. kiss my babies goodnight.
38. and say farewell to a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  

i am excited.


p.s. what will you be doing?


laluHollie said...

Eeeeekkkk!!! Super excited!! My butt looks like it belongs in a UO Catalog!!!

Totally jealous of the you + ma weekend. I'll just shop my heart out {just for me} to make up for it. :)

I love be a selfish fiend.

Rhianne said...

Sounds like a great weekend, I took photos for the swap and opened some bottles of wine this weekend as well :)