Tuesday, October 13, 2009

remember my autumn list?
well i'm working at it & keeping you up to speed:

visit an apple orchard.
and take photos of my sisters there.
 {it's on the list for this coming weekend}.

go on a hayride.
{not sure when we will get to this one but i can't wait}.

take hollie's senior pictures.

make some good dinners.  
{oh boy have i ever! chili, taco soup, pot roast, italian beef, chicken, chicken, chicken}.

watch lots of football.

organize my life
 {still working on this one, but doing extremely well... have new shelves hanging & new folders working & new drawers organized; slowly but surely}.

paint our outside railing.
{done. this will get us by until the spring when we replace it}.

hopefully purchase a new vehicle.
{some things in the works, but nothing in stone yet}.

drink cider beer.
 {sadly, i have not done this yet!}
what am i thinking??}

celebrate a blessed wedding.
{oh goodness yes}.

and another one.
{photos coming soon!}

cuddle up with lots of tea.
{earl grey is my current favorite}.

display my polaroids.
 {still working on this one too. i have some things started,
but still looking for more ideas}.

get my flickr up to date & organized.
{so behind on this one. soon, soon, soon}.

carve a pumpkin. 
{going to the pumpkin patch this weekend}.

celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. 

and lots of birthdays.
{kathy's & kirby's- check!  dad's is still to come}.

add lots of updates to the shop.
 {soon to come my dears. i promise}.

paint my kitchen door a pretty color.
{now i kind of want to repaint the entire kitchen,
so this one is on standby until we make a decision}.

bake a pie.
{what kind should i make?}

buy vintage cowboy boots.
{still looking. always looking}.

read, read, read.
{every chance i get. hoping to start a book club soon!}

learn to crochet/knit.
 {i bought this & tried to teach myself to no avail,
but i have a personal teaching session scheduled for this week!}

watch good tv shows.
 {himym; the office; vampire diaries; dh; brothers&sisters; oth; gg; oh my!}

dress G up for halloween.
 {looking for a costume}.

wear my purple suede flats.
 {they rock}.

perfect my cupcake-baking abilities.
{not so much}.

be happy.
{working really hard at this one every day}.

i can't believe it's already mid-october!
time is just f l y i n g.
but things are coming along great & i am happy with where my list is at.

still working on perfecting my routine, but i am getting there.

aren't our front porch mums so pretty?
i hope that they will last a while longer,
but it was quite frosty this morning...



Kristy said...

So cute!

Rhianne said...

I can not wait to see G in a costume :)

kellie said...

great list! i am inspired to write my own! :) love this time of year except the "winter is coming" part of it.