Thursday, November 12, 2009

i want to go to greece.
of all of the places on this beautiful planet
that i want to see...
santorini is currently first on my list.
& honestly, how could it not be??

i've been dreaming about it.
researching it every chance i get.
& picturing myself strolling the terra cotta walkways
with a basket of fresh seafood in tow.

i don't want to stay in a hotel.
i want to stay in a little room in a village.
i don't care if there's even electricity.
i want to sleep to the sound of the ocean outside.
& think about only the simple things in life.

for now i will keep on dreaming.
and researching. and hoping. and planning.
but someday, santorini, i will be yours.

i think i'm going to watch 
sisterhood of the traveling pants this weekend. 
that should tide me over...



Rachel said...

Santorini is my absolute favorite place in the world. I seriously doubt there is a place prettier. I hope you get to go, I LOVED it.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog tonight and I like your vibe. You must go to Greece! Santorini is a MUST SEE in your lifetime. So inspirational.