Friday, October 16, 2009

dear ruche,

you already know about my undying love for you.
if i could spend all of my hard-earned money on you, i would.
you have amazing pieces that fit my idea of perfection to a tee.
+ you are so reasonably priced that it is so hard to stay away.
i check up on you at least once weekly to spot any new arrivals.
my wish list is never-ending and will probably take up most of my christmas list this year.
but once i saw your new bag,
i knew i couldn't wait that long...

so i ordered it.
+ it came in the mail last week.
+ i have been loving it ever since.
best new bag for fall/winter, ever.
thank you ruche!!
i'll see you soon.



Anonymous said...

that bag is so cute! i love it!! said...

You're so funny Chelsea. Glad you like the bag! =) Love your photos! - Mai

kellie said...

my goodness that's the perfect wintery bag! so cute! love Ruche!

Rhianne said...

That bag is beautiful! It's probably a good thing we don't have Ruche over here :)