Friday, October 16, 2009

hello weekend.

today i am listening to the new moon soundtrack.
+ that makes me extremely happy.
this soundtrack is brilliant,
+ not just because i already love new moon.
but because the mix is truly amazing.
so glad that it was released early,
because my weekend is starting off pretty darn great.

we will also be:
joining our favorites for drinks + fun tonight. eating really good mexican food.
picking out our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. sleeping in.
helping my parents roof their house. drinking cider beer. carving our pumpkins.
going to see this movie with my sisters {can. not. wait.}
photographing my beautiful sister. eating really good thai food.
snuggling up to good football games. editing lots+lots of photos. 
going to the apple orchard. + trying to make apple pies.
taking hot baths. reading good stories.

c u d d l i n g.  r e l a x i n g.  s l e e p i n g. 

i hope that you too have a great one with your loved ones.



Diana said...

I had a little mention for you on my blog today. i do it sporadically, not sure if you caught the other ones i've done on you...

Kayla said...

How was the movie!??!!? I want to see it so bad!