You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I REALLY liked last night's episode again- for the second week in a row. Not that I don't always love OTH, because I do, but lately they have just been so reminisent of the previous seasons and I love that. Not only because Chase, Bevin, Tim and Rachel have all returned in the past two weeks-- but because the show has just had that early-season charm about it lately.

Chase was too cute last night- I really liked the Peyton/Chase scenes. And the scene in the car when Owen realizes who Brooke is to Chase- hilarious. I am really liking Brooke and Owen, I think that he is really good for her and they are too cute together. I was also very proud of Peyton last night. Going through all of this is not easy- and she took the high road, from seeing Lindsey in her wedding dress and even being at their bachelor/bachelorette parties-- she is really being great about it all {better than I ever could.}

I am also thrilled that Nathan and Haley are being civil to each other {and obivously from the previews I am beyond happy to see where they are -hopefully- headed} but I wish that they could have made more progress this week. I feel like Haley is telling Nathan how she feels on every level- which is great- but Nathan is not! He is acting confused and lonely and hurt, which I am sure that he is- but he needs to get that out to Haley. I am a firm believer that Naley is "always and forever" but waiting for them to reconcile is killing me.

My favorites of last night were Jamie and Skillz by far. They had their share of adorable scenes- especially when they are shopping for the party, but they were just both so great last night. Poor Jamie- just wants his parents to be happy together {I have to say that I was disapointed in Haley and Jamie last night- I know that she is trying to do the best for him, but she was neglecting him without even realizing it, i.e. Rock Band- broke my heart.}

But I was very proud of Nathan for catching on and being the great father that he is. I have to remember what a hard time Naley is having and I'm sure that their hearts are in the right place. Jamie is so wise beyond his years, as Skills so innocently pointed out to Haley.

Skillz rocked my world last night. Not only because of his relationship with Jamie, but because of his care and concern for Nathan and Haley- he is such a great friend.

I am also extremely happy that Brooke finally fired her b*tch of a mother. And of course not so happy that Victoria got to Rachel and she took off. Lots of happenings last night, but of course- the big clencher......"Luke- you can't marry Lindsey......."

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