Happy Birthday to ME.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Playing catch-up:

So, I stayed home sick yesterday- BLAH. I had a horrible headache and knew there was no way I could stare at a computer screen all day. I was so miserable and felt completely worthless because I just couldn't do anything. But the good news- I am feeling MUCH better today which is so wonderful because today is my birthday! YAY. It's funny though, as you get older, your birthdays just start meaning less and less to you. It's an ejoyable day and all, don't get me wrong, but when you're a kid or even a teenager- it is like YOUR day and nothing else matters. I think I am going to pretend that I am still a kid for today just for this reason. :)

On another positive note- this weekend was awesome for us and our house! We finally got around to painting our bedroom.. YAY! I have been wanting to do this since we moved into the house in June, but time just wouldn't allow. But it is really coming along great. If you recall, we have wainscotting in this room- so painting was a bit time-consuming. I don't have any pictures yet, but below is a color watch. The top color is Pacific Wave by Valspar used on the walls and the lower color is China Moon by Valspar used on the wainscotting. It looks more grey in this picture but it is really just an off-white.

I am just thrilled by the way things are turning out and can't wait to show you the final product! Also, thanks to the blog of fellow nestie Kristal and her post about Etsy items, I made a couple purchases for our home. {thanks Kristal} I wanted everything single thing that she posted, but since my checking account is rather low these days- I just stuck to a couple house items that I LOVE.

First, this amazing pillow from Etsy seller Lollipopguild.

I especially love it because of my new obsession with birds, but also because the beige color will fit into our new bedroom just perfectly- matching the lampshades that I already have. I can't WAIT to see it in person.

And my other purchase, was this beautiful print from Studio Mela that I had been eyeing for our new guest room plan for weeks! Kristal's post brought it back to my attention and since they only had one left in stock- I snatched it up. Isn't it fabulous? It is going to fit perfectly in our new guest bedroom if you can recall my idea board from a couple weeks ago.

So, besides being completely useless yesterday, I did manage to get a lot done in the past couple of days. {pictures to come soon of the new bedroom.} I am just excited that I have an easy day today and get to relax for my birthday. I took a half day of work and then my mom is joining me at the sushi bar for lunch.. YUM. I can't wait. And then I will be happy just spending the afternoon bumming around and looking forward to dinner tonight with family. And of course, what's a better birthday gift than an all new OTH! Let's just hope for a Naley kiss- then it would be a truly great birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea! And I love the Etsy purchases...I'd been wondering what you'd bought. ;)