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Friday, March 14, 2008

I was turned on to yet another amazing etsy shop today. A nestie posted about handgrown pottery and I am in love with her little dishes... too cute! I want to get one to set on top of my dresser for my rings and other miscellaneous jewelry that always ends up scattered everywhere! I having a hard time choosing and I need your VOTE!

First, is this adorable "happily" plate that I just LOVE. I can just see it on my dresser already- and how appropriate for my wedding rings and other jewelry. :)

But I also love this "fly" plate as well and the shade of blue/green would go perfectly in our newly painted bedroom- not to mention that I already have a bird pillow and figurine for this room.

I am really at a loss and need some help!! Please leave a comment on which one you just in general like more or think would work better in room. {sorry that I don't have a picture} But our bedroom has white wainscotting and light bluish/green shade on the walls. Our bedding is hotel style with the same bluish green and white. Nightstands, dressers, etc. will all be black with silver accents. Either of them would work, which is why I am so torn!

UPDATE: Oh the powers of Etsy- I just logged back in to place my order & they are both sold out!!! :( I am pretty devestated. I have e-mailed the seller to see if she will be making more. *fingers crossed*

ANOTHER UPDATE: This seller is so amazing that she is making another fly dish for me and reserving it just for me. How awesome is that?!?! I am pysched. And thanks for helping me make my decision... I still LOVE both dishes, but the bird one will really fit into our new bedroom. :)

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dancerdiva25 said...

I'm voting for the bird. I think it just screams YOU!

kari said...

I am voting for Happily. I love that!

Anonymous said...

I am voting fly, the bird. I love the color of it, and the design is whimsical.

Anonymous said...

I vote for #1

Jen said...

Love the bird one!

Anonymous said...

OMG! What an impossible decision Chelsea! Seriously, I can't pick, because I love them both. Are they terrible expensive? If not, maybe buy both. One for the bedroom and one for another room, like the bathroom. Haha, that's my solution!

Joi said...

i would vote for the second one with the bird if it was still in stock :(

Sarah said...

I'm way late now that they're sold out, but I love the bird plate (they're both adorable, of course)!

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