I'm not gonna lie...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm pretty head-over-heels in love with my new phone.

Finally got to go get my new MotoRokr today... BOY- if there was a more perfect phone for me, I would be shocked. I LOVE this thing! VERY similar to the iPhone, which I'm sure I would love just as much, but at a fraction of the cost... this thing is amazing! I love that it slides... very convienent and it holds a TON of my songs. My favorite thing that I have discovered so far... I'm listening to a song {which by the way you can listen to with headphones or just thru the speaker that plays loud!} and someone will call me, and it will just pop up on my screen and ask if I want to answer or ignore-- if I ignore the song keeps playing and if I answer the songs starts right back up at the end of the call- simply amazing!

Anyway, I will keep you updated. Since I just got it today I'm not sure if there are any quirks with it yet, but as of right now-- I am seriously LOVING this thing!!!

Currently listening to :: Debaser by Roque Wave
{did I mention that I'm listening to it on my Rokr?!?}