{Random} things that made me smile this week.

Friday, March 21, 2008

From Top: OTH's Hundred episode {especially the Naley make-out scene in the rain, even if it was a dream}; that we randomly chose window panels at BB&B and brought them home to discover that they work perfectly in our new bedroom; the fact that we are lucky enough to be able to drink tap water straight out of the facuet in our city that is better than any bottled; my new motorokr phone; my adorable husband and how great he is to me; my fly dish purchase from etsy shop lgbrinkley; the movie Eulogy that I watched with Stacey last night {laughed my ass off}; the little taste of Spring that we got this week {even though we are currently under a winter storm warning..UGH}; my AE purchases {especially since they are pretty much all items for Spring}; and also my new hair color{yep- I went a bit darker this week and so far I'm loving it- much more ME-- I don't have any pictures yet, but will post some soon}.

Currently listening to :: We Looked Like Giants by Death Cab For Cutie.