Post-Weekend Wrap Up.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yes, I know- it's a tad late. I was super busy yesterday and barely had any blogging time. But we did have a super fabulous weekend. =)

1. I am still sick as hell of the cold, snow and ice.

2. No Country For Old Men was surprisingly good. Usually not my type of movie, but I really liked it and can see why it won Best Picture.

3. Pizzeria Uno rocks my socks off!! I could eat it every day.

4. Strawberry Blonde's are the new trademarked drink for Stacey and I.

5. I don't like vampire movies.

6. I am so lucky to have the most amazing girlfriends in the world. {Here a couple of them from over the weekend. haha.}

7. Brian and I are in complete Spring-cleaning mode. This weekend we sorted through and organized our entire basement and attic. If you know us well- you have seen these rooms and therefore know how much work this was. But it was well worth it- we have tons of items for a Spring garage sale and our house is completely cleaned and organized. =) LOVE IT. {I will take some pictures soon!}

8. Our family was loving the little preview of Spring on Sunday. 45 degrees and sunny... perfect weather to take our little tyke for a walk. Gorgeous.

9. Brian finally had time to put together the ladder shelf that I got for the guest room ages ago. YAY!

10. I heart Sunday nights in with my family. There is absolutely nothing better in the world.

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