Running To Stand Still.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This episode was done so well by Mark and the writers- that I have to give them credit. It truly was an amazing episode and once again I felt as though I was drifting amongst the previous seasons- compeltely unaware of the 4 year jump- and I really like that feeling. Although I can't deny that the events in this episode wreaked havoc on my heart. I had read some spoilers and was expecting the shower scene- but the way that it played out broke my heart.

Both Nathan and Haley were so innocent in the whole sceme of things- but yet to see them both hurting- just hurts. If I ever saw that stupid b*tch of a nanny Carrie IRL I think I would beat the shit out of her- even though she is just an actress.

I agree that Nathan should have been upfront and honest with Haley about Carrie's flirtatious ways long ago- but that just isn't how Nathan works. He saw how great Carrie was with Jamie and didn't want to hurt Haley's feelings and make her upset for nothing. I can barely stand to see them straining and so angry, but yet needing each other so much- it kills me.

I know that there was some other HUGE happenings in this episode- with everything about Dan and Rachel coming back and learning new things about Owen, but Naley has my heart and I can't seem to force my thoughts away from them today. The pool scene with Jamie was so heartwrenching and tragic... I could barely stand to watch it! No matter what was said between them - particulalry a comment about DIVORCE - I just won't believe it yet. Haley was obviously overwhelmed and distraught after nearly losing Jamie and finding about Carrie's kiss within seconds. I can't even imagine what I would have said if I were her.

I have faith that Naley will make things work. Neither of them are ready to quit this marriage and I believe that they will work on it and we will soon have our old Naley back. But until then..... it just sucks running to stand still.

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Sea Squared said...

Loved loved loved this episode!