vivian maier.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A couple of months ago while we visited at my parents house, my dad mentioned a news segment that he recorded on their dvr for me to see. intrigued, we sat down to play it and watched as the story of Vivian Maier unfolded. Vivian was a street photographer in the 1950s - an EXTREMELY TALENTED street photographer, mainly roaming New York City and Chicago, yet no one had discovered her talents. In her daily life she was a nanny, and her photos were really only for her. She didn't share them. Her negatives were discovered recently in 2007 at an auction house in Chicago. The candid and raw beauty of each and every photo is astounding. To be able to capture a candid moment as poetically and truthfully as she was is such talent. What an eye she had. I will let her photos explain....

Such an inspiration! I love cruising around her official web site... the inspiration just pours from the pages. I'm hoping to purchase the book someday soon for even more. I urge you to check it out and certainly to visit one of her upcoming exhibitions if you are in the area.

Thanks Dad!

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