the good list.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When you’re feeling down
because you’ve spent the day
comparing the list of things you are good at
to the list of things you know you’re never going to master
it’s important to remember 
that everyone’s list skews toward the latter. 
It’s true. 
There are far too many goals out there
and only one of you
with one single life
to try and tackle them all. 

Some people spend their entire time here 
just trying to learn the particulars
of water polo, 
or knitting a Christmas sweater, 
or playing country music on the harp.

Maybe you are one of those people.
Maybe not. 
Maybe your favorite author is one of those people.
Maybe not. 
Maybe the president is one of those people.
Maybe not. 

Whatever the case
when I think about you, 
or the president, 
or my favorite author
I’m never too concerned about how any fare
at water polo, 
or playing the harp, 
or knitting a Christmas sweater.

{dallas clayton}.

I immediately fell for this dallas clayton poem and have been referring to it frequently for insight since I found it.  I hope it can do the same for you.



Anonymous said...

I Iove it bubby :)