as i stare at my shoes, in the ICU...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

hospital waiting rooms. that's where we have been. for instance right now as I write this post...... from the hospital waiting room. but that is okay. that is preferred actually. that is where I want to be most of the time because that means I am close to Kellan. he is such a lover. and such a fighter. oh, how i love this little boy.

my weekend:
date night with husband. finally taking care of returns and exchanges. texas roadhouse. spending as much time as possible with Kellan. laundry, laundry, laundry. paying bills and sorting new insurance information. catching up on sleep. catching up on blog posts. reading 1Q84. watching midnight in paris again. settling in to finish my reflecting/unravelling. grocery shopping. catching up with the dvr. dancing to adele on the record player with my husband.

hospital waiting rooms also gave me plenty of time to
place some orders that I have been meaning to...
+ glasses {check}.
+ceramic farmers market dish {check}.
+huge postalpix order {check}.
{the last two are for this, thanks darling elsie}.

I leave you with this:

enjoy your weekend, darlings.



Joi said...

Oh wow. I must've somehow missed the original post. I am praying for Kellan and your entire family!!