Friday, January 27, 2012

+ my beloved Joy posted this sure-to-delicious recipe on her blog, including the sweetest video one can possibly create while making dinner. can she be any more perfect?

+ yes, yes she can. Joy tweeted today that she designed three different tshirts inspired from the series... you guessed it.... DOWNTON ABBEY! I audibly screamed when I saw them.
Obviously I'm a Mary and will be ordering my shirt right quick. Oh, it's the little things people. The little things.

+ Thank you all so much for your very kind and encouraging thoughts this week. It seriously means so much to me and I appreciate all of your messages, emails, comments, tweets, and thoughts. I really, really do.

+ currently my hair looks like this because I am trying this method out. let's hope it works and if it doesn't at least I felt almost as glamorous as Mary for the evening.

+ WOW.

+ soooo cool: Kinotopic app! I'm addicted.

+ I've finally gotten around to handling some exchanges & returns that I have been meaning to since Christmas. The really great part... I scooped up all of these items for practically nothing at all because of my exchanges/gift cards from Christmas. Now, that is my kind of shopping!

goodnight, dears.

start each day with a grateful heart.