Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekends are the best.
especially long weekends.
we crammed a lot in to ours.

barbeques. bonfires. beers.
good friends. card games. bags rivalry.
& smores. mmmmm... smores.

slept in. got tons of stuff done around the house.
met the girls for drinks. party at ryan's-
more beers. & beer bongs{what?}.
jam out sessions on the drums. cops & robbers.
& many, many treks through the jungle.

slept in again. watched my baby sister
graduate high school. applebees {nomnomnom}.
crashed on the couch with my boys {exhausted}.
made a trip for fro yo. & watched matinee.

slept in again {i'm serious}. 
saw Sex & The City 2 with my mom {loved it}.
ran some last minute errands with husband.
made a yummy, yummy dinner.
couch cuddles & grape soda.

the end.

xo Chelsea

ps. - the set design from SATC2 was AMAZING.
i was literally drooling the entire time.


VanessasRunway said...

What a fun weekend! I saw SATC2 as well, butttt I didn't really like it. It was kind of disappointing for me, I wanted to love it, but just lacked a lot of depth and it seemed a little weird. Oh well, I'll just stick to my re-runs! ;)