Wednesday, June 9, 2010

list twelve: my camping essentials
{in homage to all of the camping we have upon us this summer}.

01. spaghetti strap tanks to avoid silly tan lines & beat the heat.
02. comfy pants that can easily be rolled up.
03. a cute hat.
04. ipod + headphones {& a portable car charger!}
05. sunblock.
06. sunglasses. 
- gotta beat that sun -
07. beer.
08. coca-cola.
- gotta get those fluids -
09. all of the goods for smores.
10. blackberry {the biggest necessity of them all}.
11. listography book.
12. dominoes {husband & I can play for hours}.
13. comfy sandals.
14. loads & loads of books.
15. & of course good company because without that your camping trip will be a bust.

I realize that this list isn't for everyone- but i'm not sure that i myself could survive a camping trip without all of the above. did i miss something that is vital to your survival in the wilderness? Do tell!

Oh yeah. And cute bulldogs sure do make for a great camping adventure too.

xo Chelsea

{twelve down; forty to go}.


caitlin rae said...

don't forget bug spray love!
your so sweet you'll get bit to pieces.