Monday, June 28, 2010

we spent most of our weekend away from home this time:
in iowa city celebrating bachelor/bachelorette parties for our great friends brie&clint!

it was wonderful & oh so much fun.
we spent sunday at home recovering.
mostly napping & eating & watching a bit of tv.
very nice & relaxing.
however, 4 hour naps on sunday evenings will result in a restless night, let me tell you.

our poor little guinness had a not-so-fun weekend.
on saturday he got stung by a bee!
it was very scary & his face began to swell.
very badly.
after phone calls with the vet & some TLC from grandma & grandpa,
the swelling started to down & he got better.
thank goodness!
hopefully that is an experience we will never see again.

{and thanks to my very special mom&dad for taking care
of our baby, so we could continue to celebrate with our friends}.

so here we are-
yet another monday.
I have lots on my agenda for the week,
so I better get to it!

xo Chelsea

ps. a wonderful monday tune for you. enjoy!

Old songs on a late night
There's just too much on my mind
My love is a young love but I know we'll get this right...