Wednesday, June 2, 2010

way back in march,
when i celebrated the big 25,
my amazingly awesome friends
got me some pretty sweet presents.
especially this guy.

well i used up my first roll of film
shortly thereafter & have never
gotten around to posting the
wonderful results!
can you believe that?!

i didn't have high hopes for the first roll,
i had read that it can be tricky
to perfect this finicky little guy.
but my photos turned out great & i am so happy.

here are some of my favorites
from the 1st roll:


{my main squeeze}.

{testing low lighting}.

{double exposure}.

{first signs of spring}.

{a favorite spot}.

{pretty red shoes}.

{split frame}.

{G again}.

{sending a message}.

{pretty red shoes again + G}.

{only half was exposed correctly, but i still love it}.


{that sneaky devil snuck in again. just kidding, this one is my favorite}.

i love the square format
(as you can see)
but i had so much fun
playing around the with split frames
& multiple exposures.
i sure do love me a film camera!

so a very, very late thank you
to my wonderful friends.
there is a new love in my life
and her name is diana(mini).

xo chelsea


Chelsea Talks Smack said...


Rhianne said...

you always take the prettiest photos, I love all of these :)

I took my diana mini out this weekend and I cant wait to see the results now :)

p.s. I love G!