Friday, June 18, 2010

dear toms,
your new wedges are adorable. i wish i could spend money on them right now.

dear eclipse,
you are almost here. yay!

dear G,
thank you for the cuddles all day long.

dear job market,
please, please, please send something my way soon!

dear bank account,
please stay afloat for us until i find said job.

dear madewell,
why, oh why, must you torment me with your new online shopping feature?

dear husband,
thank you for being the sweetest man in the world, hands down.
ps. i love your facial hair.

dear dawson's creek,
thank you for keeping me entertained during the day while i take care of boring business.

dear picnic basket,
i need to use you soon.

dear farmers market,
i am coming to you saturday morning in hopes of fresh eggs, blueberries, green onions & hydrangeas.

dear rosetta stone,
your french lessons are possibly my favorite thing ever.

dear true blood,
what would i do without your vampires + werewolves + joe manganiello + sexually-charged chemistry all summer?

::happy friday::

                                         xo Chelsea

{wishes in my shoppe}.