Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{very slowly working on my French}.

I'm here with my late, late weekend post.
Most importantly, our lovely date from Saturday night.

With our busy lives, date night's don't usually rank up too high on the priority list. But with how much partying & bar hopping that we get roped into on the weekends- we are making it a priority! I can't even tell you when our last "date" was.
But we sure made up for it on Saturday!

{we went to red robin, my favorite, for dinner. & the waitress had a major crush on husband bringing him FOUR cherry cokes and never once replenishing my water. well, I did indeed drink that 4th cherry coke myself. I suppose I don't blame her.}

{we drove around}.

{listening to good music}.

{& watched the sun set}.

{we went to our favorite little arboretum}.

{where the absolute cutest music i have ever heard was playing, by the Eddie Howard Orchestra}.

{we sat on a bench & listened for a long time--
& danced a little too}.

{we walked around & saw more and more pretty, pretty things}.

{then we discovered a perfect little tucked away garden}.

{complete with a wishing fountain so we could make wishes}.

{then we spontaneously decided to ride the cable cars overlooking downtown}.

It was perfect.
We also caught lightening bugs, drove around our very first apartment together & our favorite old hanging spots. And made a pit stop at the grocery store for grenadine so we could have more cherry cokes later. And then went home and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas on the couch with Guinness.

The rest of our weekend was spent--
with great friends. having rock band parties. petting pretty horses. celebrating with our fathers. at the farmers market. hanging out with pretty birds in a barn. and watching Alice in Wonderland.

Why can't all weekends be this perfect?

xo Chelsea

{more photos here.}


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend! And great pics!

P.S. What is the tat on your foot of?

Bri said...

I love the night photo of Dubuque! Makes me miss it ... =)

Rachel said...

Your weekend does sound awesome.. and your pictures are gorgeous!

Bogger said...
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