Thursday, May 27, 2010

i have been busy!
husband is on vacation this week, aaaaalllllll week long.
{insert squeal here}.
we've been having so much fun together,
but mainly we've been working our butts off.
we had a monstrous list of goals to attack
around the house & we are slowly but surely
checking them off.
you can tell the end of the week is nearing though
because we are starting to loose steam.

let's see--

01. set up solar lights along steps in front. {check}
02. fertilize G's pee spots in the yard. {check}
03. till up garden. {half check, we just got the underground electrical lines marked yesterday, so we are starting today!}
04. plant garden.
05. clean all windows.
06. touch up paint on the front of garage.
07. paint kitchen cart. {check- & it rocks}
08. fix gutter on garage.
09. hang clothesline. {check!!!!}
10. replace front storm/screen door. {half check, we are mid-check right now, & it is a biotch}
11. powerwash deck & porch.
12. clean/organize basement. {half check}
13. laundrymat to wash big blankets.
14. take G to the vet {apt set for tomorrow}
15. install pull out garbage can in kitchen cabinet. {check}
16. hang more string lights on back deck.
17. hang new shades in kitchen. {half check- trying to decide on a color}

do you like the light?

or the dark?

how's that for my list of the week?
but we've also been making time for some fun things too.
we watched dear john. and avatar. {we have the road for tonight}.
taken lots of naps. & gotten mocha frapes. watched the parenthood finale.
& spent way to much time looking at LOST photos, theories, articles, & everything else online.
& we're hoping to get a lot done today so that tomorrow
we can go out to lunch & do some more fun things.

better get a move on!

xo Chelsea

ps- I promise I really do have a weekend post to come.
I'm super late {blame the husband} but we did some really cool things last weekend. Post soon!

{ten down; fourty-two to go}.


Kristy said...

Is that the new kitchen paint? What color did you decide on, it looks great!
I like the dark shades:)

Joi said...

Darker color shade all the way!

Kristin said...

I like the light shade! Maybe because the color is similar to your picture frame! :)

Lauren said...

Love the blue kitchen cart! And I vote for dark!