Friday, May 14, 2010

the weekend is here at last.
we have a million things to do.
but we're going to enjoy every second of it.

we will be:
celebrating my mom's birthday. sleeping in.
working on several house projects. watching this.
perusing the farmer's market. taking road trips.
celebrating with friends & their new houses.
attending baby's baptism. hanging out with family. 
listening to high violet. watching this.
catching up on sleep. & mentally preparing myself
for one tree hill's finale on monday.

xo chelsea



Kayla said...

It's just the season finale right? Not the show's finale??

Chelsea said...

We don't know yet! They shot two different finales... a season finale and a series finale.. as of right now, they still don't know which one will air. In fast, the CW does not have to announce whether or not it will renew until the 20th. So I assume that they will show the season finale on Monday if they don't hear by then & if it is the end they will show the series finale after that. Talk about a stressful situation!!! Ahhh!!!