Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this is the weekend post.
late, per usual.

{we drank dirty martinis}.

{we partied with awesome people}.

{& danced & sang & wore cool hats}.

{we took G to the doggy car wash}.

{we went to a gorgeous park on the river}.

{& swang on the swings}.

{we played by the water}.

{& skipped rocks}.

{my handsome boys}.

{& swang on more swings}.

{we tuckered out G}.

{& tooks naps}.

{& saw pretty things}.

we also saw date night.
{didn't love it, didn't hate it}.
lots of eating out.
spent mother's day with my beautiful mother.
watched LOST of course.
{we're on season 5}.

we're already looking forward to next weekend.
it is jam-packed with activities,
but should be a lot of fun.



Rhianne said...

I always love your photos and G is so handsome :) looks like you had a great time