Friday, May 14, 2010

list eight: my guilty pleasures

01. chick flicks. i can watch & enjoy pretty much all of them.

02. coca-cola; in any shape or form. but fountain cokes are the  best, with lots of ice.

03. 90210; the original. i've for sure seen every episode & can watch them over & over & over again.

04. reading; which yes i realize most people wouldn't consider a guilty pleasure, but i could read a book in one day, if not in one sitting. i never get tired of reading... drives husband crazy.

05. Grease 2; yep you read that right. Grease 2 rules with it's all out cheesy one-liners & dance numbers. I can't help but get sucked in every time it's on!

06. itunes; yes it's convenient. a little too convenient in my case. i download way too many songs on a whim.

07. midnight milky ways; they are irresistible.

08. cliche dog decorations; anything with an english bulldog on it is considered acceptable in our house. statues, pillows, t-shirts...

09. tv on dvd; if it's the right show {cough. one tree hill. cough} i won't leave the couch all day.


{eight down; fourty-four to go}.