Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this weekend was a 
jam-packed full of fun one.
just the way i like it.

{we went to the farmer's market. & got a ton of goodies.}

{sent hollie off to her senior prom}.

{met up with most of my favorite ladies for dinner. but forgot to take a picture!}

{enjoyed the 3 lilac bushes that are currently filling up our backyard. & subsequently our house.}

{gave G a bath outside, his favorite.}

{packed up some coolers & a tent & headed out to the middle of nowhere for barnstormer III, a kick ass concert in the middle of nowhere.}

{an a m a z i n g night with andrew & stacey & other fellow barnstormers.}

{amazing tunes from pearly gate music & nathaniel rateliff.}

{and ra ra riot.}

{an amazing, amazing show. awesome photos here.}

{then rode the tractor pull back to our tent, dodging cow piles & emptying the coolers... well except for brian who did indeed fall in a cow pile.}

{we camped & we saw sunrises.}

{and sunsets.}

{spent an afternoon shopping for flowers.}
{& filled the front porch with potted flowers.}

{like these pretty things.}

{& calla lillies. & african daisies.}
{& wore my favorite fringe sandals as you can see.}

{& planted rose bushes in the backyard.}

{& tons of these pretty things.}

{we grilled out burgers with our fresh farmer's market asparagus.}

{visited nurseries looking for more flowers with my mom.}

{& fell in love with dahlias.}

(& saw pretty birds...}

{& pretty views along the way.}

{& came home with another trunk full of flowers.}
{of which i am potting & planting today.}

& we also
watched the godfather.
& went out to eat for really good italian.
& really good mexican.
watched lost.
played scene it.
took 2 hour naps. 

as you can see, i tried to take a lot of photos this weekend.
i have to fill my new hard drive up with my photos again
since i lost so many last week.
so far i'm liking what i am filling it up with.


ps. & if you get a chance to attend daytrotter's barnstorm tour next year.... you MUST do it.


Amy said...

I love love love delta spirit and am so jealous that you saw them! the show we were supposed to go to in January got canceled from snow :(

looks like fun!