Friday, May 21, 2010

some days,
i realize how seriously amazing my life is.
amazing friends & family every day.
amazing music that fills up my heart.
i am so lucky to be able to enjoy all of the things that i love
on a regular basis.

this week i-
went to see a movie in the theater in the middle of the afternoon. ate sushi for lunch. tie-dyed a bunch of shirts. had a water fight. stayed up really late with stacey watching movies & getting fishtail braids. had tv nights with my girls on monday and thursday. drank dirty martinis on a tuesday night because it was beautiful outside. & cut roses from our brand new rose bushes.

right now i really love living every weekend
like i'm still a youngster.
drinks & parties & really funny stories.
good times & road trips & bonfires.
and well, it's the weekend again.
so here we go.

why, hello grey goose.
i really do love you.

xo chelsea