Thursday, April 29, 2010

ten years ago today i met a boy.

& i thought he was cute.
i liked him.
& he liked me.
& we went bowling.

then we dated some more.
& some more.
& some more.

& then we moved in together.
& then we got married.
& then we got G.

& now here we are.
married for nearly three years.

somewhere along the way we fell madly in love.
& i think it was on that very first date.
ten years ago.
when we went bowling.

i love you mr.


ps. sorry for the mush. what can i say, i'm a lucky girl.


Kristin said...

How adorable! Congrat's on your 3 year wedding anniversary!

Kristin said...

Or rather your 10 year togetherness anniversary! Hehehe... oops!