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Monday, December 15, 2008

It was a whirlwind of a weekend; that is becoming all too common these days. Our time was spent....

01. Hanging out with the regular crew- the girls drank wine and talked and danced and the boys drank beer and talked and played COD. The usual. A lovely time catching up in our all too busy lives.

02. Cleaning the house. Blah.

03. Got some Christmas presents wrapped, but we no where near as far in this process as I hoped we would be by now. Looks like we will be out with the other crazies this weekend finishing up our shopping. Lovely.

04. My Christmas work party was scheduled for Saturday night- but was postponed last minute due to an illness of one of my co-workers. Brian and I took advantage of this rare night in and curled up on the couch with lots of movies, spaghetti, and G of course. :)

05. The first on our list was I Heart Huckabees. I hadn't revisted this movie in quite some time, and I always forget just how much I love it....

06. We also watched Running With Scissors {which has implored me into the incredulous life of Augusten Burroughs}, Mad Money, and Knocked Up.

07. Woke up early on Sunday and got some things done around the house. But I was quickly interupted by one hell of a migrane and spent the majority of the day in bed watching One Tree Hill {not that I'm complaining; but I do believe this to be the reason that my weekend darted past me.}

08. I also learned of Summit's confirmation of their new, much-speculated, director for New Moon; Chris Weitz! I am very excited and very nervous. But his letter to the fans was awesome and I'm feeling more confident as the days pass.

So, here we are, Monday again. Lots to get done this week... here's to hoping I can keep up.

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