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Monday, December 8, 2008

I actually can't believe that it's Monday already and I am sitting here typing this. Wow. Where did the weekend go?? First I want to say thanks to everyone for your comments on my post from Friday. I wasn't even sure when I was writing it if I would actually post it, but I'm glad that I did. Not only did your thoughts and comments make me feel better, but I found that several of you could relate to what I'm going through- better than I could have ever imagined. So I am very glad that I shared with you and I'm even more glad that my thoughts may have helped someone else out there too. :)

I had a really good weekend- making it even harder to come back to work today. Friday night after work I met up with my girls for some burgers and drinks before heading to see Twilight. In my defense it was only Kathy's second time seeing it and the movie was just listed under the $5 buck club- so we had plenty of very good reasons to go. :) We met up with the boys later and watched Stepbrothers {read: basically crying and pissing yourself for 2 straight hours because of it is beyond hilarious.}

Saturday morning Brian and I got up super early and headed to Madison to go shopping for the day with my dad & sisters. But Kirby reminded me when they came to pick us up to check our stocking's because St. Nic came the night before! Sure enough- "St. Nic" was very good to me. He left me loads of candy, the Twilight collector's edition, and a Twilight poster & pins. :) The collector's edition is the coolest thing!! It has a hard fabric cover, comes in a case, with a red ribbon bookmark attached and red, scroll writing all throughout it. And my favorite part, the rough tattered paper edges- I love it!
Anyway, we spent the day shopping for what seemed like a ridiculous amount of hours. But we did get some Christmas shopping done so that is good. On the way home my sneaky dad had gotten us all something-- Hollie- the Twilight complete illustrated movie companion, Kirby- an unofficial biography of Robert Pattinson, and me- the Twilight calendar! YAY! What an awesome dad; feeding our obsession. I already have the calendar hanging in my cube ready to go for 2009. :)

Saturday night we had the 2nd annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party to attend with the gang. Headed up to the attic to dig out the ridiculousness that is our Christmas Sweaters {Stacey slaved away making them for us last year.} As expected the party was a complete success- much that I could share, but I will spare you. Let's just say it was a crazy night. I will however grant you with a couple pictures.....
Don't judge me. Haha. Didn't get home until after 3 am on Saturday night, so of course we ended up sleeping in until noon! Very not like me. Got up and watched the Viking game and then-holy crap- it was 4 already!!! Did a couple loads of laundry and made some food and then it was time for DH and my usual Sunday night routine. Seriously, where did the time go?? I guess it flies when you're having fun.

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