it's beginning to look...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

...a lot like Christmas. Not sure if it's the blur of white snow outside my window right now or the fact that our entire house smells of pine from the Christmas tree in the living room. In any event- it's definitely feeling like Christmas lately. We've been doing a little shopping here and there, but we really need to hammer down and finish. I hate waiting until the last minute-- but I'm struggling with good ideas this year. I'm in desperate need for some inspiration.

However, I never seem to have problems in the inspiration department coming up with things that I would like for myself! So many people have been asking me things that I want for Christmas lately and I had no trouble whipping up a little list. Here are some of the goodies that I would love under my tree!


{peacoat. recipe box. bean bag. print. necklace. maryjanes. hoodie cardigan. stackable rings. um, er- yes that's true actually, one robert pattinson please. plaid blouse. array bookcase {i have wanted this forever- i'm hoping to get some cb2 gift cards to put toward it}. wii fit. ruffle flats. light blue chuck's.}

I'm pretty easy to please!

Sorry for the lack of blog motivation lately. I'm not very motivated in my life, let alone the blog in recent weeks. Trying to snap out of it...

{lovely snow via bloomgrowlove.}

currently listening to :: i'll be your lover too by robert pattinson.

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Kristin said...

What?! Rob Pattinson has other songs? Holy crap, I need them, like now.

And I did see Twilight a 2nd time. LOVE. I'll probably see it a 3rd time when I'm having a "me" night. He is such a flippin' hottie!

Joi said...

Love your list. I have the Keep Calm print in that exact color!

leah @maritalbless said...

I totally want a bag from that same etsy designer . . . but as a diaper bag lol!