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Monday, December 1, 2008

Long time, no see. Or, er, talk. It's hard to believe that the four-day holiday weekend is officially over. What a bummer- it flew by so fast I'm not sure I could even tell you everything we did. But I will try...

One night consisted of drinking too much. Which made me hungover on Thanksgiving. Luckily the two meals that we ate that day complete with turkey and the works is the best hangover remedy. We did a little shopping. But not too much because people were crazy. Did lots of hanging out with family and friends. Got our Christmas tree and brought it home and set it all up. Set out all of our Christmas decorations. Got my hair done! {Woo Hoo... not much cut, but the color is much better- no pics yet, sorry.} Got my new phone! I'm pretty much a new woman! haha. Watched the Vikes beat the Bears last night. Read Eclipse {it's even better the second time}. Watched Hancock and Smart People. Curled up by the fireplace. And dranks lots of wine.

I have a few pictures from Thanksgiving day...

My boys:

Hollie is reading Midnight Sun, G loves her:

G curling up by the fireplace:

My boys again:

G wore out:

Hollie being a ham:

Brian and my cousin Matt:

Kirby dancing to the Jonas Brothers show during halftime:

G playing with the lights again:

Hollie and G:

That's about it. Relaxing as a true Thanksgiving should be. I can't believe it's Monday already, major UGH.
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Katie said...

that photo of G with the lights cracks me up - glad you had a great thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

G is just too cute. If he ever disappears, he just may be at my house...

Joi said...

Your doggie is adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOL ..G is a real ham for the camera. otis (our bulldog) is very photogenic.

i love "G wore out" & "G playing with the lights again" the most. cute puppy!

Chelsea said...

Thanks for all the raves about G everyone! I'm glad that you all love him just as much as us. Now I don't feel so bad that we spoil him to death. :)