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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My lovely mother has offered to buy me a new outfit to wear on Christmas! How thoughtful is she?? I think I'm leaning toward this little number a la forever 21, however I will dress it down a bit....
Love the dress & the vest, but I will skip the patterned scarf and the shirt underneath. I will probably still layer it over a shirt, but I don't like the baggy sleeves of that one. And I might still add a scarf- but a solid-colored one. And I think I will opt for grey leggings. But I do really love the overall style and the peices are so lovely. Here is the dress & the vest.

And if that doesn't work out I will try out this little black dress via H&M...
I think it would look so cute layered over a longer top with some booties.

I love me some free dresses! :)

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Joi said...

Cute choices, Chelsea!

What a sweet momma! : )