Friday, December 5, 2008

I have been saving my pennies for the past 3 months saving up for a big{ger} purchase. You wouldn't think it would be that hard/take that long to save up $189 when you shell out nearly that much for gas in a month- but it is! It always seems like when I get close something happens and need to "borrow" against my special little fund. And of course with Christmas so close- lately it has been next to impossible. And I guess I kind of feel guilty spending that much money on myself too, which is presicely why I started saving little by litte. But I'm hoping that soon, this beauty will be mine.

This bookshelf from CB2 has been floating around the blogosphere for ages! I have seen it everywhere. Literally I have 13 posts about it starred in my GoogleReader! I started saving for it immediately- I knew I had to have it. BUT imagine my astonishment when I spotted it in Edward's bedroom in Twilight!!!!! Yes people, I am serious. I think I actually squealed in the theater. Brian even noticed it because he obviously knows I have been wanting it! haha. I'm asking for CB2 gift cards for Christmas so hopefully I will get some and be able to get it soon! Yippie! How gorgeous does it look with the books on it? I wish I had a screencap of Edward's bedroom....
And just imagine how great it would look with some of these lovelies {that I have also been eyeing} sitting proudly...
I am a lover of the classics and have been trying to build up my collection. How absolutley stunning are these? They were designed by Coralie Brickford-Smith and be bought here. And take a peek at them up close here too.


currently listening to :: to roam by robert pattinson.

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Kristin said...

WHAT?! That was in Edward's bedroom? Hot.

So you're listening to all of R. Pat's songs. Do you have them or are you listening to them online? The only place I have found them is on youtube. Help! Thanks chica!

Chelsea said...

Yes it was!!I have them all downloaded. :) Obviously Never Think & Let Me Sign are the only ones that are actually recorded in a studio. The other ones are just him singing in pubs that people recorded- but they are amazing! I didn't find them all in one place, I wish I did, but basically just from searching on the Internet. Just type in the name of the song and hopefully you will be able to find them too.... To Roam, I Was Broken, Stray Dog, & I'll Be Your Lover Too.