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Thursday, January 31, 2008

... is my weakness. Their Web site is jam-packed with chic, fashionable, brilliantly-priced peices that I can't stand to pass up!! Their prices are truly unbeatable and I have such a hard resisting. I can't even BROWSE their site unless I know I have some extra cash because browsing will result in a purchase. I have recently been getting into more feminine pieces and their site is filled with them. Yesterday I had to check out their new items and low and behold... see my shopping cart below. =)

I was in love with Katherine Heigl's tiny heart necklace in '27 Dresses' and was thrilled when I found this one:

A few mediallions that I love:

Some simple earrings:
A couple of very feminine bangles that I love:
This top looks adorable on:
I adore this cardigan in peach! It will look great with my tiny heart pendant:

Again, this jacket looks adorable on. Can't wait to wear it with some dark jeans and a black or white tank under:
There was another adorable ruffle shirt in my cart that I got, but for some reason is no longer on the site. I will have to post a picture of it when my packages arrives... yay!! It shipped yesterday- I can't wait to wear all my new peices. And lucky for you- I hyperlinked all of the photos to the product themselves so that you can too can look as chic as me. ;) Husbands be ware. HaHa.

And don't forget to add product #2047098942 to your cart for a free t-shirt!

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