4 months of marriage.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yep, you heard right. Today is the 4 month anniversary of our very special wedding day. Can you believe it? Some days it seems like it was just yesterday. But other days, I think of everything that has happened between now and then and 4 months seems just right. Nonetheless, I thought I'd share a photo from that special day today and reminise about our first dance as husband and wife.

Also, I snagged this idea of a fellow blogger of mine and it sounded fun--

25 things I never get tired of:
1. cuddling with my husband.
2. cuddling with guinness.
3. sleeping.
4. summer.
5. tv on dvd. (I can sit there all day & watch)
6. reading.
7. walking.
8. swimming.
9. hubby's drawings.
10. nesting.
11. taking photos.
12. vanilla lattes.
13. chocolate.
14. coffee.
15. online shopping.
16. watching movies.
17. hot showers.
18. decorating for holidays.
19. the smell of babies skin.
20. buying something new for the house.
21. listening to music/bands I love.
22. water.
23. Saturdays.
24. traveling with my husband.
25. being at the ocean.

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